Research Topics

Research Topics

Impact of climate change on agriculture

Climate change has an adverse effect on agriculture through occurrence of extreme weather events in a short term.  It forces farmers and other stakeholders to adapt in a long term through change in water management, shift in crop calendar, use of different cultivars, etc. To detect such changes we need to monitor wide spatial range over a long period. In this lab we use time-series analysis of remote sensing images to monitor such changes.  Resource use scenarios and models are used to project changes in future.

Agricultural information system

For adaptation to extreme weather events, adaptive management is becoming increasingly important. Adaptive management means the change of management based on observations rather than fixed rules. In case of agriculture, water management for example can be change based on weather observation, land use and crop growth states. Such information will benefit farmers, water managers and municipalities to share accurate information to establish strategies.


We are going through a news phase of industrial revolution, from fossil fuel based economy to biomass and renewable energy based economy. A new form of economy which realize through this change is named bioeconomy.  A shift to bioeconomy will bring drastic change in land and resource use. If correctly planned and implemented, it will lead to sustainable development. However uncoordinated actions may turn out to be another environmental disaster. There for careful integrated planning is required.


Rice oriented agriculture in Japan created unique ecotones in its territory.  After the Second World War industrialization of agriculture had a huge impact on biodiversity in Japan. In near future further decrease of paddy may bring more severe disturbances. We need to deepen our knowledge about the present ecosystem for its conservation towards future.

Win-win development

How can rural area develop under this globalized world. Resource and institutions need to be reconsidered with more notions on environment, to realize win-win relation in value chains rather than competitions.